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Onbash Punching Bag

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OnBash punching bag is a great form of workout for kids. This fitness toy helps you to train your kids for the hand and eye coordination. This punching bag can help your child develop into a better athlete. It also helps in teaching the basic self-defense techniques to your kids and boosts their self-confidence.


  • Inflatable punching bag: OnBash is an inflatable kid’s punching bag that can be used both indoors and outdoors. When flaccid, it is easy to travel with the kids punching bag.
  • Adjustable stand: The stand helps you adjust the punching bag according to your kids’ height. Throwing punches at the bop bag is a great form of fitness workout for your children.
  • Portable & Easy to carry: The portable nature of this inflatable bop bag makes it easy for you to carry it to any place. It can be inflated anywhere when required, used and packed again.
  • Long-Lasting Design: Unlike other punching bags, OnBash is made using the highest grade of materials. This ensures the longevity of the bop bag.
  • Comes with a Hand Pump: Everything you need comes with the set. The set also includes a hand pump to enable you to deflate and inflate the punching bag whenever you require.