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Melodia Kids Piano Set

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Help your children discover their musical talent with Melodia Kids Piano Set by EMass Toys. With amazing, multiple features and a sturdy, long-lasting body, it is the perfect gift option for any young child. Your child can have fun like never before while being engaged in a productive and educative hobby of learning this musical instrument. This electronic piano will be the best educational yet enjoyable experience for your kids.

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  • Multitude of functions: This electric piano for kids comes with 22 different demo songs and an adjustable microphone. It also has built-in software that regulates the energy consumption of the piano and gives it an extended battery life. This musical toy also has adjustable volume, rhythm control, recording feature, 8 percussion instruments, and 4 musical instruments.
  • Made using Child-safe materials: The adhesives and materials used in the musical toys are cheap and toxic. We, at Emass Toys, maintain a high-quality standard with our production of toys and the materials used in their manufacture. We use child-safe materials to make sure that your child has fun in a safe environment.
  • Battery Powered: Melodia, the kids’ musical instrument, is powered by a battery. Your kid can make music on this musical instrument even on their outdoor or camping adventures without the need to find a suitable power source.
  • Attractive and captivating design: This musical toy is designed in a way to attract children with its bright colors and flamboyant design. This musical instrument also forms the perfect gift for any child.
  • Portable and Easy to store: This electronic piano for kids is lightweight and has a compact design. Due to its lightweight nature, children are able to carry the piano around with ease and the compact design makes for its easy storage.