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Jazzales Kids Drum Set

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Let your children discover their musical talents in a fun and creative way with Jazzales Kids Drum Set by EMass Toys. Instead of spending all their free time using electronic devices, your children will be engaged in a productive hobby that will definitely be helpful for them later on in life. This toy drum set could build a platform for your kids to express their creative musical talents.


  • Long-lasting and sturdy design: Kids tend to tear toys apart really quickly, however, Jazzales the kids’ drum set comes with a sturdy exterior. The joints of the kids’ drum set are fixated with quality adhesives to prevent kids from taking it apart.
  • Fun and educational: This kids’ drum kit helps your kid to explore and develop their musical abilities. Musical instruments help a child’s mental cognition to expand.
  • Comes with a 12-piece set: This toy drum set comes with 12 pieces – 6 Drums, a Kick Pedal, a Cymbal, a Chair, 2 Drumsticks, and a Stool. It is identical to a band grade drum kit that is different only in terms of size. This kids’ drum kit gives your child every tool they need to display their beats.
  • Produces loud and clear sounds: Most toy drum sets lack in the quality of sound they produce. Jazzales, however, provides high-quality sounds that are both loud and clear. It serves as a platform for your child to produce great music.
  • Suitable for use at children’s parties: Jazzles is the perfect kids’ drum set to be used at children’s parties. It could serve as a medium for children to display their musical abilities.