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Bullseye Electronic Shooting Target

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Bullseye is an electronic shooting game that has targets that pop up randomly. When you shoot these targets, you score points. You can set the electronic shooting target on the multiplayer mode, invite a few competitors over and have a friendly match. This electronic toy helps in teaching the sense of depth and aim to your kids.


  • Practice in solo mode: Bullseye comes with a solo mode that allows your kid to improve his/her aiming skills. The maximum score on this shooting game is 999 and you are able to play up to that limit. The scores can be recorded on the digital skin instantly.
  • Competitive multiplayer mode: The multiplayer mode in Bullseye is great for competitive play against friends. You can challenge your friends for a game or two. The shooting game has a digital scoreboard that keeps track of each individual’s score.
  • Digital score tracking: Although it is a toy for kids, it comes with the handy option for tracking your score digitally. This electronic toy is capable of keeping a track of the scores of more than one player.
  • Targets that bounce-back: This electronic toy has a mechanism that helps the targets that have been shot to bounce-back so that you are able to have a seamless gameplay. Having to manually flip the targets over every round will disrupt the flow of your gameplay.
  • Kid-friendly design: Both the packaging and design of this electronic toy come in a kid-friendly design.  This toy for kids is brightly colored, thus, draws the attention of children.