Toys For Kids: How Toys Outweigh


According to a study published in Jan 2020 by Christina Gough, 87% of parents think that video games are educational for their children. Although this is true, many parents get carried away and let their children binge on video games all day. This could cause a hindrance to the overall development of their children. This article will highlight the things children missout on if they sit in front of a screen all day.

Why Traditional Toys Are Better For Children Than Electronic Toys

The Psychological Aspect

Back in the day, when we think back, traditional toys for kids such as legos came with a random number of blocks and pieces that left the children to play with their imagination. They could craft whatever they seemed would look cool and let their imagination go wild. Nowadays, even legos come with a set of instructions and a limited number of pieces. Meaning your child’s imagination is restricted to building the structure according to the instructions given.

A better way to let the imagination of your children fly is by letting them play on musical toys such as a piano where they can explore sounds and play their tunes. A mini camera will also make for a wonderful toy for your kid if you wish to nurture your child’s imagination as it allows them to capture different objects and learn more about colors and contrast.

Exploring Creativity

Most electronic toys that use touch screen devices as their platform narrows down the ability for your child to explore their creativity. If your child might wish to explore, but the game does not allow them, it develops an unhealthy habit of restricting their creativity. A traditional musical toy, such as the rattle, allows your child to experiment with the movement of the rattler and try out different beats by mixing and matching the movement. Other traditional toys, such as building blocks, are also great for your child to try to create what they imagine.

Exploring their creativity broadens their view and thoughts. Whereas narrowing their creativity can make them more simple-minded and shutting themselves away from thinking outside the box. Creativity is a crucial component in life that allows children to think freely. Be sure to nurture the creativity of your children.

Hindering Interpersonal Skills

Touchscreen activities are single person-oriented. Most games such as angry birds or temple run that use the touchscreen device as a platform often hinder the development of social skills as they will spend most of their time playing by themselves. Do not think that if your child plays a game that allows them to communicate with others, count towards being more social. Ingame chat is a different interaction compared to real-time communication skills. In real life, your child will develop the ability to maintain eye contact while conversing with others, read the atmosphere of the room, and other skills that can significantly improve their social skills.

A better way to improve the interpersonal skills of your child is by allowing them to learn a musical instrument through musical toys. When your child can play a musical toy, they will often try to form bands and mingle with others who share similar musical interests. A mini camera is also a great way to help your children communicate with other children. Your children will feel more comfortable and confident in sharing their photography while also learning more about photography from those around them.

Benefits Of Electronic Toys

Electronic toys are not entirely bad for your children. Times such as during quarantine, where it is harder to go outwards and even harder to come up with more creative ways to occupy their time, electronic toys give your children plenty of opportunities. Most electronic toys come with many games, and it will keep them occupied for many days to come.

The key to benefiting from electronic toys is balance. Many parents often rely on just electronic toys as it is easier to keep your child occupied with the touch of the button. But if your child spends too much time in front of the screen, they will miss out on developing essential skills.


Electronic toys are not entirely bad. The right games help with the development of reaction time, problem-solving, and logical thinking. However, what makes them bad is many children fall prey to electronic games that exploit the pure mind of a child by rewarding them needlessly.

Traditional toys help children better understand the world around them and improve their social skills. Most traditional toys, if not all, allow children to freely explore their imagination and present a platform to express their creativity.

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