Ten Reasons Why Kids Need To Exercise

Exercise is something that every person should do regularly, no matter the age, since it is necessary to lead a healthy life. However, the reality when it comes to children is that they end up not exercising regularly, due to factors such as lack of motivation, shortage of time, addiction to electronic gadgets, and so on. A few decades ago, children were more likely to spend time playing games outdoors, when technology wasn’t so advanced. But now, parents around the world echo the complaint that their children are too obsessed with staying indoors and using their gadgets, because of which their bodies are not getting enough physical exertion. Therefore, it is more important than ever to make children exercise regularly. Here are ten reasons why your kids need to exercise regularly:

  • Exercising for at least an hour a day can prevent the risk of obesity for your child.
  • Regular exercise can significantly contribute to improving the mental health and learning abilities of your child, and help him/her do better at school. 
  • The cognitive abilities of your child will improve with regular exercise, and this can be useful for him/her while growing up and while trying to pick up new hobbies and while engaging in new activities. 
  • Exercise can help your child to improve his/her skills and make him/her a well rounded individual. This is because physical activities need sensory input, such as increased use of your child’s touch, sight, auditory abilities, and so on. 
  • As per studies, regular exercise can be helpful in improving your child’s behaviour and manners, and make him/her perform better in the classroom and other social settings.
  • If your child gets accustomed to exercising daily, he/she will be more prone to continue doing it as an adult. Getting used to exercise at an early age can thus be helpful when he/she grows up.
  • Your child’s essential brain structures the number of neural connections are more likely to increase if he/she exercises regularly, since  physical activity is good for improving brain health.
  • Proper exercise requires a lot of coordination and a great degree of balance. By putting such skills to work, your child will be able to provide better emotional responses to situations, and thus become a more well-mannered individual.
  • Depression and anxiety can affect people of any age, including children. Regular exercise can help your child control his/her emotions and thoughts better, and consequently decrease his/chance of being depressed or anxious. 
  • Your child’s self-confidence and self-image will significantly improve with regular exercise. He/she will become more comfortable in his/her own skin, and will be able to maintain a healthy body. This will be extremely helpful later on in life. 

While it may not be easy as it sounds, it is crucial to find spare time every day in which your child can exercise properly, or at least be engaged in active sports, such as golfing. Golfing is a great sport for a child, since it can provide exercise both mentally and physically. It is understandable that your child might already be overburdened with homework, or too involved with his/her electronic devices to ever show interest in exercise. 

However, you can try exercising with him/her the first few times, till he/she gets the hang of it. Once your child develops an interest for doing regular exercise, then it will be so much easier to drag him/her away from electric gadgets and to encourage him/her to engage in physical activities outdoors. A great idea would be to ask his/her friends to join along too, so that the exercise sessions can be fun and something to look forward to.

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