Photographic Activities Your Kids Can Perform With Their Mini Cameras

Teaching your kids photography could act as an outlet to express their creativity whilst also serving as an educational experience. Gifting your child a kid’s digital camera could be the best educational gift you could present to them. Kids’ digital cameras such as Kiditos, which is a waterproof camera and designed for durability, will be the best option as kids are careless with their toys. Creating activities around a kid’s digital camera will further push your child to explore the realm of photography.

This blog will discuss a few activities which your child can perform using their mini cameras based on the age group they belong to. 

Photographic Activities for 5 – 10 Years Old Kids

Kids between the age of 5 – 10 might not be able to grasp the minute concepts of photography, however, they are bright enough to learn the features of a mini camera and click amazing moments of their life. Your goal with a child who is under 10 years is to make him familiar with the operation of a mini camera. 

You could try a few of these interactive activities to mold your kids’ photographic skills:

Spot the colors – Ask your child to walk around the house and photograph items of a certain color of your selection.

Find the Alphabet – Give your kid a certain letter of the alphabet and ask them to find items that start with that alphabet and capture them with their digital camera.

Spell your name – For this task, ask your child to spell out their name using photographs of different items whose starting alphabet share a letter of an alphabet from their name.

Photographic Activities for Kids who are 10 Years and Older

Kids who are 10 and above are receptive to their approach and are capable of learning the fundamental skills of photography. You can begin teaching your kid about the basics of composition and lighting. These skills will help your kids to tell their story better through photography.

Interactive activities for kids who are 10 and above:

Polishing their skills – Teach your kids one skill a day and ask them to capture 7 – 10 images that present the specific skill.

Storytelling – Storytelling improves two different aspects of your child’s cognitive skills, pictorial skills, and vocabulary. For this activity, ask your child to capture pictures and create a story for each picture. They could have many pictures for a single story or an individual story for each picture.

Treasure Hunt – This is a more interactive activity where you give your kid a list of items and ask them to find and click a picture of that item.

Find that Alphabet – Give your kid a letter of the alphabet and ask them to find items whose name starts with that particular alphabet.

Young Blogger – Blogs are free to set up and you can set them to private. By setting up a blog for your kid, you give them a corner of the internet. This will be an album of pictures they’ve captured growing up. You could also upload the videos they’ve captured using their kids’ video camera.

By standing behind the camera, kids learn to visualize things in a variety of ways. It helps them to view objects from different angles and express the way they see those objects through their pictures. Photography can be a great tool for your child to bring forth their imagination as they can add their own finesse and style in every picture they take. Overall photography is a great tool that could be a fun and educational experience for your kid. It helps in strengthening the bonds between visual and other forms of self-expression. Photography will help your children to tell you a story through their eyes.

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