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Choosing The Right Toys For Your Kids

Studies from 2019 show that on average, families spend around 288$ on toys for their kids. 288$ could buy a lot of toys, but if the right toys were bought, parents would not need to worry about the money they spent and the right and safe environment provided to their children.

There are six essential factors that parents fail to consider before setting out to buy a toy for their kid. This article will help you analyse the toys against these factors so that you can choose the right toy for your kid.

Factors To Consider:

Safety First

The most crucial factor that needs to be acknowledged while buying a toy for your kid is “Safety”. Ensure that the toys do not have small parts as kids tend to place things into their mouth and could choke on these tiny pieces. Toys that do not break away into smaller pieces are safer for your kids.

The other factor to consider for a kid-safe product would be the use of non-toxic materials used in the manufacturing of the toys. Most toys will come with a sticker indicating that it is made using non-toxic materials. In case the label is not present, be sure to check with the customer support of the brand to ensure that the toys are made using non-toxic materials. Substances such as adhesives, lead, PVC and phthalates, bisphenols (BPA + BPS), flame retardant chemicals, formaldehyde are toxic and harmful for your child. Kid-safe products will not contain these substances.


Children handle toys in an abrasive manner; thus, most toys are not long-lasting. However, by testing the sturdiness and materials used to build the toy, you can ensure that the average sturdiness of the particular toy you are buying is higher. Innovative toys such as electronic shooting targets are expensive and could drill a hole in your pocket if you replace them every time they break. Ensuring the quality of the product and buying them from trusted sources will ensure its longevity.


Children have a short attention span. If they do not find a specific toy appealing, they will not cling to it. Parents usually tend to get their children complicated games that require a more profound understanding than their current capacity. This is a modern-day problem that is caused by innovative technology overcomplicating simple toys.

Gauge the understanding level of your child and try to match it with a toy that would best suit them. A simple toy that is usable is better than an overcomplicated toy with innovative technology that is left in the attic to collect dust.

Entertainment Value

The central aspect of presenting a toy to your kid is so that they have fun. Children have lots of spare time, and they need something to occupy that time. Instead of sitting ideal, in front of the TV, toys allow them to express themselves and spend their time exploring their imagination. Be sure that the toy you give them is entertaining, not in your eyes but their. Do not force a toy onto your kid that they do not like; let them play with the ones they prefer. 

Educational Value

Children learn a lot through toys if they play on an electronic shooting target, they learn about accuracy, toddler pianos let them explore music, and bop bags, for example, can be their gateway to fitness. Get a toy that your child will cherish while also learning through playing with them. The early years of your children will impact them significantly. Guiding them will be more accessible through toys as it is their language.

Social Value

It is essential for your child to learn social skills at an early age, and through their toys, they can learn social values. Innovative toys are mostly capable of playing as more than one person. Invite the friends of your child and let them all play together, and it will build excellent social skills such as leadership, teamwork, and acceptance. 

Toys are the language children communicate with us. By understanding the way children play with their toys, we get to understand them better. Some children will be drawn more towards games that involve a form of fitness activity, some prefer playing indoors, but each expresses themselves in their way. Children have an imagination that flows abundantly and supplementing their imagination with the right toys helps enhance them. Pick out a toy for your kids at the Emass Store and help them explore themselves and the world around them.

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